Black Cherry  (Prunus Serotina) For Health And Healing 


Black Cherry  (Prunus Serotina) For Health And Healing

What Is Black Cherry?

Black Cherry, also known as Prunus Serotina, is a type of woody plant, which belongs to the family of Prunus. The species is mainly found in North and South America. One can easily identify a mature Black Cherry plant in the forest due to its broken and very dark or black bark, which in reality is very thick and burnt. In the premature stage, the bark is thin and smooth and is not that dark. It can be easily identified in the dense forest by its long, smooth, and shiny leaves. Prunus serotina is mainly classified as a fruit, but its plant comes under the section of shrub or small tree. The black cherry tree or Prunus Serotina is also planted for ornamental purposes.

Black Cherry Tree Black Cherry Tree

Common name:

Black Cherry has many different names. Some of them are black cherry, wild black cherry, rum cherry, or mountain black cherry.

Botanical Name:

Prunus serotina

Family: Rosaceae

Geological Area Where Prunus Serotina Grows

The centre of origin of Prunus serotina is South Mexica and Central America. The major producers of Prunus serotina in the current scenario are Turkey and United States followed by Italy. These countries have recorded the highest production of Black Cherries in all times. 

Black fruits                                        Black fruits 

Red fruits                                  Red fruits 

Healing/Medical Benefits of Black Cherry 

Black cherry has many health benefits and is used as the supplement. Every part of black cherry provides some nutrition and is quite beneficial for health and care purposes except bark of the tree, which bears the fruits, and the leaves of the fruit.

The fruit of Prunus serotina is mainly suitable for the production of jams and various fruit pies. One can also use Black Cherry in the production of liquors, soda, or maybe ice cream. In addition, Prunus serotina has helped as added sweet cherries in order to develop a sharp and crisp taste. Experts also use it in cakes and muffins, which include dark chocolates and sometimes use it to garnish the cocktails.

Black Cherry Flowers

Black Cherry Flowers

Other than this, the wood or the bark of the Prunus serotina plant is used for cooking and smoking various foods, which, in turn, adds a very rich and unique flavour to the dish.

  1. Black cherry plant contains such enzymes and nutrients, which soothes down the working of hormones inside one’s body, thus controlling the movements and acting as an anti-inflammatory drug.
  2. Black Cherry is high in iron, which solves blood-related problems and solves anemia, which in turn, minimizes the hair loss problem because anaemia is the main cause of hair loss.
  3. The Prunus serotina juice helps prevent plaque formation and maintains the oral hygiene of a person. It helps in shielding from tooth decay.
  4. Researchers have shown that Prunus serotina juice helps in improving and treating arthritis. It helps in reducing the uric levels in one’s body.
  5. The nutrients present in black cherry helps in reducing heart diseases and protect the artery walls. Therefore, it is a must food for the health of the heart.
  6. Prunus serotina juice has a soothing effect on a human nervous system. It regulates normal sleep pattern and calms mind, which provides a peaceful sleep.

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