Cinnamon For Health And Healing


Cinnamon has been in use since 5,000 years in two traditional forms of medicine (India Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine). The tree grows up to 8-10m in height. The bark and leaves are highly aromatic. The leaves are veined and ovate. The flowers are yellowish-white and small. The tree also bears dark purple leaves. It has a sweet and aromatic smell. The leaves are up to 18cm in length, reddish when young and become bright and pale green when matured. The fruit is a berry and 1cm in diameter.

cassia cinnamon (Epo Orira)

         Cassia Cinnamon

What Is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several tree species from the genus Cinnamomum. Cinnamon is used in both sweet and savoury foods. The term “cinnamon” also refers to its mid-brown colour.

Cinnamomum verum is sometimes considered to be “true cinnamon“, but most cinnamon in international commerce is derived from related species, also referred to as “cassia“.

Cinnamon is the name for several species of trees and the commercial spice products that some of them produce. All are members of the genus Cinnamomum in the family LauraceaeOnly a few Cinnamomum species are grown commercially for spice.


Raw Cinnamon

                           Raw Cinnamon

Geological Distribution Of Cinnamon

The herb is seen mostly in South East Asia. It grows well in tropical climates like Java, Guyana, Sumatra, South America, Borneo, Mauritius and India. In India, it is cultivated in two locations of Kerala. The tree grows wild in Ceylon and Moluccas.

Cinnamon For Health And Healing

                                   Cinnamon Plant

Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

  1. High source of antioxidants
  2. Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  3. Protects heart health
  4. Fights diabetes
  5.  Helps defend against cognitive decline and protects brain function
  6. May help lower cancer risk
  7. Fights infections and viruses
  8. Protects dental health and freshens breath naturally
  9. Can help prevent or cure candida
  10. Benefits skin health
  11. Helps fight allergies
  12. Can be used to sweeten recipes without added sugar
  13. Can be used as a natural food preservative

Healing/Traditional Benefits Of Cinnamon

Organic cinnamon sticks are used as a spice to add flavour and make tasty food items. It is mostly used with meat, soup and other baking stuff. It has strong anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. The bark and leaves are used for medicinal purpose. The medicinal properties of the plant are described below:

  • The plant is used for the treatment for the skin diseases and infections such as eczema treatment, ringworm’s, scabies and swelling.
  • Cinnamon is used for the treatment of cough, cold and asthma.
  • Chewing Cinnamon on a daily basis gives comfort during a toothache and prevents loss of gum.
  • Cinnamon also cures a sore throat.
  • It is useful for increasing skin complexion and also helpful in reducing pimples. Cinnamon removes acne and blackheads.
  • It is used for inducing sleep and reducing headache.
  • Real Cinnamon is used in weight loss.
  • It reduces blood sugar in case of diabetes.
  • Cinnamon pills is used for the treatment of hair fall as it adds nutrition and also helps in hair growth.
  • It reduces cardiovascular diseases by regulating and separating the harmful cholesterol level.
  • It is also useful in diarrhea and nausea. It is used in the treatment of acidity.
  • It is also useful for the treatment of irregular and painful menstrual cycle.
  • Cinnamon is useful for the treatment of urinary tract infections.
  • It has strong antibacterial and anti-fungal activities.
  • Cinnamon cures inflammation and gives comfort from ulcers.
  • It has anticancer activities and fights against leukaemia and lymphomas.
  • The extract of cinnamon is proved useful against HIV-1.
  • Cinnamon supplements stimulates the immune system and is used for the treatment of swine flu.
  • It is used as a powerful general tonic.
  • It increases memory power and increases vigilance.
  • It is also used for various ENT infections.

cinnamon flowers

                     Cinnamon Flowers

Cinnamon is proved toxic and harmful if not taken in a proper way for those who have already kidney problems. Those, who are suffering of the thinner problem in blood, cinnamon can also be harmful for them. So, before the using of cinnamon capsules, a health specialist must be consulted. Otherwise, it has been considered as a powerful medicinal plant since centuries.

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