Natural Herbal Treatment For Anti-Fertility Worms (Aran Latanlatan/ Aran Aboyun) In Yoruba


Recently, I have been receiving numerous calls from women with fertility challenge due to anti-fertility worms and it is now giving me a great concern.

Medically speaking, no worm can cause infertility in women but this conclusion is based on a philosophy of medicine that says if something has not been proven in the lab or clinic it must be disregarded. This philosophy is a misleading philosophy that has led many people to their early graves and many are still dying based on it.

Yoruba Herbal Medicine is the only natural health system that talks about anti-fertility worms to my knowledge. I have studied comprehensively other natural health. Systems worldwide such as Ayurveda, unani, naturopathy, homeopathy, North American herbal Medicine, traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), etc, non of these natural health systems talks about anti-fertility worms.

These worms are divided into three, types according to Yoruba Herbal Medicine. These are “Latanlaten worm, Ewuru worm and Ginisaworm“.

Latanlatan worm prevents pregnancy from taking place in the first place. If this worm is responsible for your infertility, whenever your period is coming, you will be experiencing a sudden jerk-like movement around your laps and the menses will come out. There is usually a shock effect at the moment it comes out. Sometimes, it also causes sperm leakage/involuntary emission of sperm (Eda).

Ewuru worm does not prevent pregnancy but causes miscarriages when the pregnancy reaches around 4-7 months.

Ginisa worm is the most common cause of worm-related infertility in women. Most women do not know they have this worm sometimes.

 Symptoms of Ginisa Worm may include:

  • Absent menstruation
  • Pregnancy-like feeling
  • Worm-like movement at the lower abdominal part
  • Strange sound in the night and early morning.
  • Heavy breasts, and sometimes slight pain

Diagnosis of Anti-Fertility Worms is Yoruba Herbal Medicine

The mode of diagnosis in Yoruba Herbal Medicine is to question the woman about some of these symptoms and if it has been established, treatment starts immediately.

Treatment of Anti-Fertility Worms in Yoruba Herbal Medicine

Only few Yoruba Herbal Medicine practitioners can treat this case successfully, many can just relieve the symptoms and the case will start all over again with time.

But the few Yorubic Practitioners that can treat it will treat it in such a way that it will go permanently and pregnancy will take place with time.

Natural Herbal Treatment of Anti-Fertility Worms

At IB healthcare service, the herbs for anti-fertility worms are not yet packaged but I prepare herbal liquids, ovules and a complete range of herbal fertility treatment plan.

With the treatment, the case will be treated permanently and then pregnancy can take place easily.

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Total Cure For Female Infertility at IB Healthcare Services

You can get total cure for the following female infertility conditions:



-Polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS)

-Blocked fallopian tube due to PID/infections

-Absent menstruation(premature menopause or ovarian failure)

-Hormonal imbalances

-Irregular menstruation

-Painful menstruation

-Scanty menstrual flow

-Heavy menstrual flow

-Infections e.g. gonorrhoea, pelvic inflammatory disease, candidiasis, chlamydia, syphilis, etc


-Unexplained infertility


Why you should consult me:

-I make herbal formulations specific to your infertility condition(s)

-More attention is paid to your treatment until you gain your fertility

-Our female fertility medicines have a tract record of getting results

-My herbs come in powders, liquids, soap and creams as prepared in the ancient times

-My formulas are ancient formulas with proven record for success in female fertility treatment

-My treatment are cost-effective

-I send medicines to any part of the country or the world

-My female fertility formulas are effective, safe and no toxic or harmful side effects because they are well researched and they are harvested in pollution-free environment to prevent heavy metals in the formulations.

-No esoterism, fetism or incantation is involved in the formulations. They are purely scientific

-They are prepared hygienically and in good condition.

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