Natural Herbal Treatment For Skin Cancer


Natural Treatment For Skin Cancer

What Is Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is when the skin cells begin to abnormally grow beyond the normal boundaries of their design.

Skin cancers are cancers that arise from the skin. They are due to the development of abnormal cells that have the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Any abnormal growth of skin cells is considered skin cancer, but only two are considered malignant.

Skin cancer can be categorized into 3 main types:

  • Basal cell cancer
  • Squamous cell cancer
  • Melanoma

The first two, along with a number of less common skin cancers, are known as nonmelanoma skin cancer (NMSC).

Basal cell cancer (BCC): Basal-cell cancer grows slowly and can damage the tissue around it but is unlikely to spread to distant areas or result in death. It often appears as a painless raised area of skin, that may be shiny with small blood vessel running over it or may present as a raised area with an ulcer.

It is known to be a benign tumor because it rarely metastasizes (spreads) past the original tumor site. Sources report that up to three million cases are diagnosed each year.

Squamous cell cancer (SCC): Squamous-cell skin cancer is more likely to spread. It usually presents as a hard lump with a scaly top but may also form an ulcer.

The skin cancer symptoms are open sores, scaly red patches and the characteristic elevated growth with a central hole; which is why SCC is also referred to as the “rat-bite” tumor. SCC can also bleed or crust and can lead to death if allowed to grow. It’s been reported that 700,000 cases are diagnosed each year resulting in 2,500 deaths.

Melanoma: Melanomas are the most aggressive. Signs include a mole that has changed in size, shape, color, has irregular edges, has more than one color, is itchy or bleeds.

Being responsible for the death of almost 10,000 Americans each year, melanomas skin cancer symptoms are bumps or patches that resemble moles and are usually black or brown. However, several cases have been reported that they can be blue, pink, red, white or even skin-colored. If detected early, melanomas are generally curable.

What Causes Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is one of the top diagnosed cancers in the United States. Skin cancer is often misdiagnosed, as there are various types of skin cancer symptoms, so it can be difficult to know if you have it.

If you do happen to find a skin growth, then you may have a hard time knowing which skin cancer treatments are effective. It’s no wonder why people are so afraid to go outside without first bathing in sunscreen. The news and information out there can seem alarming. Here’s just a snippet of what’s out there to scare the clothes on people who want to sunbathe:

  • In the past 30 years, cases of skin cancer have out-ranked all other cancers combined.
  • One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their life.
  • Every hour, one person dies of melanoma (every 57 minutes).
  • Almost 90 percent of melanomas can be linked to sun exposure and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
  • Regular daily use of sunscreen (SPF 15+) reduces the risk of developing melanoma by 50 percent.

Personally, I have some major concerns with the type of data that is being plastered by healthcare authorities and global agencies. Specifically, threethings concern me:

1.  First of all, the sun does NOT cause skin cancer. The sun is one of the most important elements to a healthy life.

Studies, like one published in the British Journal of Dermatology, have already disproved this theory as it has been discovered that most skin cancer did not develop from areas or freckles created by sun exposure. They also theorized that an increasing number of physicians misdiagnose benign lesions for stage 1 melanoma.

2.  Secondly, we all need vitamin D to live, and regular full body sun exposure is the healthiest way to make sure our vitamin D levels are optimized!

3. Third, according to the Environmental Working Group, “Every major public health authority – the FDA, National Cancer Institute and International Agency for Research on Cancer – has concluded that the available data do not support the assertion that sunscreens alone reduce the rate of skin cancer.”

In fact, many sunscreens are filled with toxic chemicals that have been linked to skin cancer. Even the best sunscreens pose certain risks. So if sunscreen does not protect against cancer, then what does? 

The first question we all should be asking is – is the rise in skin cancer caused by the sun (which, historically has been the life-source for the entire planet)? Or, could it be because of the extreme overuse of poisonous sunblock creams and lotions? 

And with the huge surge in numerous types of cancer, could it be that the changes in our nutrition, diet or environmental factors could be the real culprit?

Bottom line, there is definitely something causing this rise in skin cancer, but the sun has been here for all of history! Only in recent years, has skin cancer become such a danger. For example, just since the 1930s, skin cancer incidents have grown 1800 percent!

The good news is there are many treatment options available. However, in order to choose from the many skin cancer treatments, it is first important to know what toxins contribute to skin cancer, what skin cancer is, the five skin cancer symptoms and then I will talk about options you have to treat it!

Medical Skin Cancer Treatments

The National Cancer Institute recommends 5 different types of standard skin cancer treatments:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Photodynamic therapy (a cancer treatment that uses a drug and a certain type of laser light to kill cancer cells)
  • Biologic therapy (a treatment that uses the patient’s immune system to fight cancer)

The difficulty is that most of these therapies actually damage the patient’s immune system!

Natural Herbal Treatments For Skin Cancer

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