Natural Herbal Treatment For Jaundice In Adults/Children


Jaundice is also known as icterus. Person with jaundice have a yellow look to their skin and the whites of the eyes. Many newborn babies develop icterus, but jaundice symptoms can affect people of all ages. In this article we talk about jaundice symptoms at older children and adults.

Natural Herbal Treatment For Jaundice

Jaundice is caused by a build-up of bilirubin in the blood and body tissue. That is often due to conditions affecting the liver, such as cirrhosis, hepatitis or gallstones. If someone has icterus symptoms, doctors will try to treat the condition that’s causing it rather than icterus itself.

If bilirubin levels are high, substances formed when bile is broken down may accumulate, causing itching all over the body. But jaundice itself causes few other symptoms in adults. However, in newborns with jaundice high bilirubin levels (hyperbilirubinemia) can cause a form of brain damage called kernicterus. Also, many disorders that cause jaundice cause other symptoms or serious problems. These symptoms may include nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain, and small spiderlike blood vessels that are visible in the skin (spider angiomas). Men may have enlarged breasts, shrunken testes, and pubic hair that grows as it does in women.

Causes of Jaundice

Jaundice has many causes. Most causes involve disorders and drugs that

  • Damage the liver
  • Interfere with the flow of bile
  • Trigger the destruction of red blood cells (hemolysis), thus producing more bilirubin than the liver can handle.

The most common causes of jaundice are:

  • Hepatitis
  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • A blockage of a bile duct by a gallstone (usually) or tumor
  • A toxic reaction to a drug or medicinal herb

Symptoms of Jaundice

Symptoms of jaundice include:

  1. During jaundice your face, eyes, skin, nails and mouth gets yellow.
  2. Urine gets yellow.
  3. Patient feels weakness and hungerlessness.
  4. Patient can have fever range from 70 to 100 degree centigrade.
  5. Pulse gets slow and weak.
  6. Bad taste in the mouth, dry mouth, vomiting, dizziness, gastric trouble, itching on whole body specially at night, headache, weak memory, sleeplessness, liver enlargement etc.

Natural Herbal Treatment For Jaundice In Adults/Children

  • Epo mangoro (bark of mango tree with scientific name mangnifera indica)
  • Epo igi egbesi (Nauclea latifolia)
  • Epo igi awopa (bark of Enantia chlorantha)
You will cut it into pieces, put it inside bottle add water.
Soak it for 24 hours.this herbal remedies is use  for two purpose : preventive and cure. Uses:a jaundice patients can take one quarter of a cup of it per day to prevent jaundice. he or she can take one quarter of a glass cup 3 times per day to cure jaundice.
  1. A ge egbo agbon a o gun leuleu (you will pound coconut root with scientific name coco nucifera  into powder, size equivalent of ten table spoon) a o lo orogbo gbigbe po(grind dry bitter kola with scientific name Garcina kola  into powder,  equivalent of of ten table spoon,a o lo ata ijosin bi sibi meji (grind dry bird’s pepper  with scientific name Capiscum annuum into powder, equivalent of two table spoon). Mix everything together. Pour it inside a litre of oyin igan (original wide honey). Uses take  two table spoon of it per day. This remedy also cure Hepatitis.
  2. A o be ibepe dudu, a ko epo ati eso re danu (we peel unripe pawpaw with scientific name carica papaya), we we remove the peel and seed inside it. We not cut it flesh or pulp (meso carp)  into small pieces. You will then soak it in water for a day. Uses: children will take it  one full tea spoon two times daily. Adult will take it half of glass cup two times daily.
    4.Ewe own ilorin tutu (fresh leave of Gossypium barnadense. Add little water. Add little cooking iodine salt,extract the liquid. drink it every day till the color of the eyes of the patient turn from yellow to white.
  3.  A o wa ewe ati egbo oruwo tutu (get fresh leave and root of brim stone tree with scientific name Morinda lucida), ewe ati egbo ibepe (fresh leave and root of pawpaw tree with scientific name Carica papaya) Epo osan lemon (peel  of  lemon orange). Cut them into small pieces. Cover it up with water. Jaundice patients will drink half glass of water 3 time a day for 12 days.

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