Sessilis Joyweed For Health And Healing (Ewe Dagunro)


What Is Sessilis Joyweed?

Sessilis joyweed (noxious weed) botanical name as “Alternanthera sessilis” typically grows in warm and humid regions around the world, including Asia and Africa. A noxious weed is specified by law as being especially objectionable, problematic and hard to manage. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, sessile joyweed is prevalent in the south central and southeastern United States, including Texas, Arkansas, Alabama and Florida. The weed is prohibited in Massachusetts and Minnesota. Depending on its geographic location Alternanthera sessilis may grow along the road, in a rice field or in gardens. This particular noxious weed is purported to have a number of remedial uses.

Uses in Africa

According to legend, Alternanthera sessilis can make sick people well. In some parts of the world, Alternanthera sessilis weed is used for a variety of medicinal purposes. For example in Nigeria, it is used to relieve headaches and dizziness. In various regions of Africa, sessile joyweed, when ground to a powder, is considered to be a viable treatment for snakebites and to stop the vomiting of blood. Another use in Africa is sniffing of the leaf sap to treat neuralgia (acute spasmodic pain along the course of one or more nerves).

Uses in Taiwan and Thailand

In Taiwan, Alternanthera sessilis is often combined with other medicinal herbs to treat conditions including bronchitis, asthma and hepatitis. People in Thailand and Sri Lanka use the weed as a galactagogue (agent that increases milk supply). In addition, the leaves are boiled and ingested to treat hypertension (high blood pressure). Alternanthera sessilis is also considered to be a remedy for gastrointestinal issues, chronic liver congestion and gonorrhea.

Miscellaneous Uses

The stems and leaves of sessile joyweed are used to treat eye problems. The shoots of the weed are mixed with other ingredients to improve male sexual potency. The weed is sometimes used topically to treat acne. In Southeast Asia, young shoots and leaves are eaten as vegetables.

Health Benefits  Of Sessilis Joyweed

 Great for Night Blindness

Alternanthera Sessilis has the greatest ability to improve the vision. Persons suffering from night blindness (Nyctalopia) can eat the raw flower of sessilis continuously will feel the difference in their eye sight. It cools down the body, strengthens the eye nerves, strengthens the muscles and improves the vision power and it acts as the best medicine for eye disease.

Full Stop Piles

People suffering from piles can make a soup with sessilis, garlic and pepper to make a full stop for the disease condition. 25 gm of sessilis extract mixed with equal amount of carrot extract along with little salt also help to cure piles.

Increases Hair Growth

Equal amount of sessilis extract and bhringraj (Eclipta prostrata) extract boiled in gingelly oil and allow it cool down and store it in a container for eye irritation and for hair growth apply this on the hair.

It Cures Jaundice

People suffering from jaundice can grind the sessilis leaves and extract 20ml boil this with brown sugar and mix it with cow milk and drink for a certain period will helps to cure them. The Naturopathic doctors include sessilis in their medicinal formula for curing hepatitis, chest cold, asthma and for liver disease.

 It Regulates Nervous System

Sessilis will improve the sleep condition too. It can regulate the central nervous system. It cures many nerve related disease, improves the memory power, it cools and relaxes the eye and brain.

 It Cures Infertility

If the sessilis leaves are included in the everyday diet it cures the gonorrhea condition. Men’s infertility can be cured. It gives energy to the diabetic people and helps to maintain the sugar level in the blood.

 It Prevents Cancer

It mixes with the blood and removes the toxin and prevents us from cancer. It has the potential to kill germs and heals the wounds.

Irritation During Urination

Extract butter milk with 2 ltr of buffalo’s milk and mix the roots of sessilis and drink that buttermilk which cures the irritated urination.

 It Helps Weight Loss

Sessilis with pepper eaten with rice will reduce the body weight. For body weight gains eat sessilis with cooked dhal and ghee.10 Reduces Body Heat.

Reduces Body Heat

Equal amount of sessilis extract with gingelly oil and 20g of licorice, water lily and cumin seeds all these are grinded with cow’s milk and is boiled at low flame and filter it. Apply this filtrate on your hair 4 days once and wash it this therapy will acts as a medicine in reduce the body heat and improves to grow hair,  reduce the internal fever, body pain, leg pain, head ache, eye irritation and stomach pain.

 Improves Health Condition

Alternanthera Sessilis will help to reduce the following diseases conditions like body heat, eye irritation, knee pain, white discharge, helps recovering from loss of appetite, liver diseases. The extract and oil from sessilis help to reduce the body heat during summer season and helps to prevent headache. Since the sessilis leaves can boost the milk production in breast feeding women, it is used in Thailand.

The therapy based on sessilis will be continued at least for a year to see the good result. If you do it for 2 months and left it you can’t enjoy the health benefits of sessilis leaves.

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